How to Find the Best Freelance Colorist For Your Film

Whether you are creating a short film or a feature-length film, you are going to want to ensure that it captures the story in every possible way. You want footage to resonate with your audience, taking them on a journey through your story and giving them the freedom to explore emotions that link them with your film.

The story plays an integral role in the success of any film but in the modern world, post-production helps to bring it to life so it’s ready for the screen and ready for your audience. This is where a colorist can really make a difference. They will understand what is required to capture the correct atmosphere, tone and image that depicts the very meaning of your film. So, if you are looking for a freelance colorist for your film, you might be wondering where to begin?

The good news is that there there are a growing number of expert, highly experience professional colorists available on a freelance basis who can provide you with their skills, experience and knowledge. To help you find the perfect colorist for your film or video project, we have compiled a list of some of the best freelance colorists or full time colorists from around the world. Take a look at the list below and discover the right freelance colorist for your film.

Martin Szafranek

Martin is a digital colorist who is located in both Berlin and Madrid and works using Filmlight Baselight or DaVinci Resolve while he places a focus on creating looks that are unique and diverse. However, he does aim to provide color grading for all genres including fiction and non-fiction although feature film is a space that he likes to work in.

He has covered a wide range of productions that include the likes of Guns Akimbo which starred Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving. He also provided color grading for 4 Blocks which was produced for SKy and he has worked with a range of directors such as Christopher Schier and Philipp Stennert.

His experience and ability to show his creativity has also meant that he has won several coveted awards.

Matt Mahmood-Ogston

Color Grading London

Matt Mahmood-Ogston runs a small, independent color grading studio which is located in North London. He has a passion for color grading and working with clients to help bring their ideas to life with a touch of creativity and passion.

He has worked on a number of productions which includes the documentary “ Legendary Children” whereby he showcases his ability as a colorist because his work and results spoke volumes. He also worked on “No Turning Back”, a feature film whereby he worked closely with the director who had no prior experience working with a colorist. As a result, Matt proved how easy he was to work with and how he had the ability to explain processes clearly.

Another string to his bow is his work on a music video which was directed by award-winning director, Andrew Richardson. Matt assisted by bringing his expertise to the process whereby he eventually created the music video “Eva”. All of his work sets him apart and his attention to detail and ability to capture emotions perfectly is the reasons why so many directors choose to work with him.

Ryan K. Mcneal -RKM Studios

Ryan K. Mcneal is the founder of RKM Studio which is located in Los Angeles. As a colorist he offers post production color grading for television, films, commercials and music videos. He has built a reputation for himself through the years, working with many different directors on a range of projects.

His services reach far and wide as he has won awards for the best color feature film with “The Mortuary Collection” and was a nominee for the Oscars Live Action Short Film with “Please Hold”. He offers to implement his experience and knowledge from across a broad range of disciplines to deliver work that can help to influence emotions and deliver a strong message.

Diego La Rosa

Diego La Rossa is a colorist who has been working in the industry and has been there since 2006. He has had a career that has taken him on some exciting journeys, enabling him to work on a variety of projects for many different clients. He graduated in TV and Film Editing at Video Symphony in Los Angeles and started working for MTV Italia.

Following this, he then worked for Abstract Groove as a Senior Colorist as well as one of the oldest post studios in India before moving to MagicLab in Prague. Now he has turned his attention to freelancing where he now works around the globe on projects for the likes of Audi, Armani and Gulf Air. He has a solid reputation and that has meant that he is considered in the top five freelance colorists currently in the industry.

Patrick Inhofer

Located in Orlando, Florida, Patrick has more than 30 years of experience when it comes to color grading. He has a range of clients from around the globe and he is known for delivering an exceptional standard of work. He also co-founded eventually becoming the sole owner. His credits paint a clear picture of his abilities as he has worked on a number of projects including “Split Ends” by Dorothy Lyman and “Poliwood” by Barry Levinson.

It is clear to see that the world of freelance colorists is wide and varied but all of the colorists in the list above are capable of delivering a professional service that delivers results that stand out. Their expertise, creativity and passion for color grading has enabled them to work on a range of projects, all of which proves that they are all capable of working on your next project.

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