Color Grading Training – Learning DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a piece of software that is extremely powerful and is used by a growing number of professional filmmakers and colorists.

It comes with a wealth of features that make it appealing to editors, cinematographers and directors as it comes with collaboration tools that enable all those involved in post-production to work together. In fact, it is considered such a highly regarded tool that it is used in TV, film and TV ads to carry out many different processes in addition to color grading.

Color Grading Training

Whether you are someone who wants to get into color grading or you are at a point where you want to take that next step, DaVinci Resolve is everything that you need and more. It has a wide range of functionalities and because it is used by professionals in the film industry, it is clear to see that it is considered to be an industry-leading piece of software. In fact, DaVinci Resolve is the most widely used color grading tool in Hollywood.

Learning DaVinci Resolve The Right Way

Attempting to learn the software yourself will take a huge amount of time and can leave you frustrated, simply because of the time it takes to familiarise yourself with the different elements that it offers.

Therefore, one of the best solutions is to enrol on a top-rated course such as the Freelance Colorist course from Waqas Qazi. What does the course entail?

The course is designed to set you on a path of financial freedom where you have the potential to fine tune your skills in DaVinci Resolve but also turn it into a passion that earns you money if you wish.

The freelance colorist course covers 10 modules, including:

Module 1 – Conform – This module will help you to understand the best practices that enable you to import and export your footage from DaVinci Resolve

Module 2 – Cameras – You’ll learn all the color science of the most popular professional cinema camers, and how to take advantage of them.

Module 3 – Color Correction – In this module, you will learn how to balance footage that is almost irretrievable using nondestructive methods.

Module 4 – Shot Matching – Bringing together color sciences and multiple cameras, you will learn how to match shots from cameras.

Module 5 – Color Grading – There is no requirement for third-party plugins or LUTs but you will learn how to create stunning footage using popular looks.

Module 6 – Studio Setup – Getting the most from your new-found skill, you’ll need to create the perfect grading studio and you’ll be shown how to build a studio on any budget.

Module 7 – Freelance – You’ll receive insight into what it takes to work as a freelancer and how to have the confidence you need to quit your job.

Module 8 – Bonus – This module provides you with extra content that enables you to work more efficiently and give your workflow a boost.

Module 9 – Youtube – Create specific looks from Youtube videos that have been created by Waqas Qazi.

Module 10 – Professional Work – You’ll also learn to replicate some of the looks from professional work created by Waqas.

As part of the course, you will also have access to a community of people, coaching videos and free workshops

This course is delivered through the use of DaVinci Resolve but what are the benefits of using this software for color grading?

Post Production Control

The interface has been cleverly designed to be intuitive to the point where the user feels in control of everything that they are doing. It provides a smart timeline for filmmakers to manage, monitor and control the progress of projects in real-time such as previewing color grading without the need to wait. Furthermore, it allows users to edit footage in a way that is non-destructive and that means that clips can be moved around easily and freely on the timeline without being concerned about the potential of altering work.

A Single Application for Non-linear editing and Color Grading

All editing takes place directly on the original media. This avoids the need for transcoding or rendering, all of which can save time and reduce the amount of storage space required. This is a useful feature when working on large video files as it avoids delays that are commonly experienced when using non-linear editing systems. There is also extensive support for a range of file formats such as HDV from Panasonic, XDCAM from Sony and AVCHD from Canon.

Save Files in 4K and 2K

The software delivers a comprehensive format that allows users to edit in high resolution. This is crucial as it allows editors to work with the quality that they require and that avoids the need to compress files or transcode at any stage of production.

The DNxHR codecs can be accessed as a raw file type (DNNxRAW) or a version that is optimized which contains just one compressed stream per frame. This helps to make post-production more efficient by enabling color grading tools to make changes without the need for frames to be rerendered in order to accommodate downstream processing needs.

DaVinci is Cost Effective

As it is clear to see, DaVinci Resolve comes packed with features and enables you to undertake post-production and color grading, delivering impressive results and functionality. However, the cost of the software is based on a price per seat which means that there is no need to purchase an expensive licence in advance. For a single seat, Davinci Resolve can be purchased for $295 which makes it an excellent price based on what you can achieve with it, especially after completing the Freelance Colorist course from Waqas Qazi.

Essentially, if you are serious about working as a color grader as a full time job and on a freelance basis, then this is an investment that is worth making. For the amount of money you could earn once you become fully attuned with the software, it will pay for itself in no time at all. There is a reason why large editing departments rely on it and why it is used by professionals around the globe.

Start your Freelance Colorist Training

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Freelance Colorist Training

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