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Over the coming months we hope to be adding content in the following areas

Fundamentals of Color Grading

The basics of color grading, including terminology, concepts, and the role it plays in film and video production.

Color Grading Techniques

Color grading techniques, such as color correction, creative grading, secondary grading, and shot matching.

Color Theory

Explain the principles of color theory and how they apply to color grading, including color harmonies, complementary colors, and color psychology.

Industry News and Updates

The latest developments in color grading, including software updates, new tools, and industry trends.

Inspirational Grading Examples

A collection of outstanding color grading examples from various sources to inspire and educate you.

Tips and Tricks

Advice, best practices, and shortcuts to help you improve color grading skills.

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Color Grading Training – Learning DaVinci Resolve

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